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About Us

IDENTYTEC had his origins in the distribution and implementation of mobile devices. Over the years, our customers‘ call for automated ordering systems in the production logistics has grown louder and louder. The manual ordering processes in intra-logistics were too error-prone and cost intensive.

We have heard the call and customized our business to the customer needs. For many years now we see ourselves as a system integrator, developer and consultant for mobile and automatic identification, retrieval and delivery systems.

What began with the automation of material replenishment orders has taken is logical course to the fully automatic supply of small and large load carriers. What can be ordered automatically in the first step, can now be fully automatically re-supplied in the next step.

We have combined our ordering system with AGV (Automatic Guide Vehicle) technology, so that all “manual” ordering and delivery process can be eliminated.

The system detects whether there is a “real” need and fully automatically ensures the replenishment.

IDENTYTEC offers its services worldwide! Always there for you, wherever you need us

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