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Take the chance to find out more about the possibilities in our topic-related online webinars, how you can make your production more transparent and effective with the help of automation and how you can achieve drastic savings potential. Avoid waste! Make your process transparent! Eliminate sources of error!

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Do you still work with manual planning boards?

Then you will also know the problem of incorrectly inserted or lost cards and the associated emergency processes and expenses.

With the help of our production planning tool ID.HEIJUNKA, you can eliminate and fully automate your complex and error-prone manual processes.

  •  Create security through transparency
  •  Order, book and track your material replenishment / inventory in real time
  •  Reduce the inventory of materials in production to the minimum
  •  Eliminate “Search & Find”
  •  Reduce the inventory difference between production and warehouse

Kirk Teetzel, Sales Representative for IDENTYTEC USA takes you on a short tour through a production environment and shows you how things can be done differently.

Nutzen Sie digitale Planungsboards!